JUSTClaim - Small claims guide

This site provides a simple and straight-forward guide to making a claim in the english and welsh civil courts. The guide mainly covers the 'small claims' track. However, much of it is also applicable to large claims using the 'fast track' or 'multi-track'.

Small claims guide

This guide explains the procedures used in the english civil court system. It covers the entire process, from before starting the claim through to getting judgement and then on to various enforcement options. There is quite a lot in this guide but don't be put off. In any given claim only a small percentage of the civil procedures applies.

The guide is written from the viewpoint of the person making the claim (the 'claimant'). It is also written on the assumption that the person making the claim will be doing it themselves rather than hiring solicitors. Such a person is sometimes referred to as a 'litigant-in-person'.

Small claims guide

Court Forms

The court forms pages provide additional information about the N1 claim form and some of the more common court forms. Typically, the same forms are used in both county courts and the High Court and for the different 'tracks' (e.g. 'small claims', 'fast-track' and 'multi-track').

Court Forms

Late Payment Law Guide

The late payment law guide pages provide information about how to claim for unpaid commercial invoices in the UK, as well as a calculator to calculate the interest and penalties recoverable under English legislation.

Late payment law guide

Interactive Legal ChatBot

The site has also embedded an interactive legal chatbot, provided by BeCivil

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