Late payment help

Late payment is an endemic problem in the UK for both large and small businesses alike. The difference is that large businesses generally have sophisticated credit facilities to avoid cash flow problems. Small businesses, in contrast, are much more vulnerable to suppliers who do not pay invoices on time. Our sister site LawHero has information on how to get late payment help for small businesses.

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Japanese Knotweed help

Problems for homeowners with knotweed encroaching on their land is usually something that sits outside of the small claims court. This is because the amounts of money typically claimed exceed the current small claim threshold of £10,000. It is generally something which is best dealt with by a specific knotweed solicitor, who can offer a package which costs nothing to you, and removes the risk of 'costs'. This is better than attemping this type of case as a 'litigant in person'.

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Parking ticket help

Every year, millions of drivers receive private parking ticket, and hundreds of thousands of them are threatened with court claims of varying validity. Although the focus of the JustClaim site is for claimants who want to begin their own claim, this is increasingly an area which needs its own specialised defence guide. This is currently being developed over at our sister site, LawHero, which you can access here for private parking ticket help.

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